Do I have to know how to play poker to join?

No! Although there will be prizes for the best poker hand at the end of the event, you do not need to know how to play to win. We will distribute winnings based on Player Cards that will be marked at each stop and submitted after your return to camp. 

Each stop will be manned by sponsors who will host a variety of challenges that you must complete in order to earn a card for your poker hand. Additional prizes will also be awarded for the best results from each challenge.

How many hands can I play?

One poker hand is included in each vehicle entry. You may purchase additional poker hands for yourself and/or your passengers at a discounted rate. No limit on number of poker hands. See Additional Poker Hand tickets.

What can I win?

The best poker hand will win a cash prize determined by the number of entries. 50% of each entry will be put toward a cash pot for the best hand (example: 30 entries = $450 prize).

Each stop on the Poker Run will host a different vehicle challenge. In order to earn your card draw, you (or your passengers) must complete the activity. Product prizes will be awarded to competitors with the best results. Each host along the route will record your scores.


***Winners will be announced at the Dezert People 16 Premier (located at the pool at the Desert Ironwoods Resort). You must be present to accept your prize.*** 

Do I have to camp at the resort?

Although our event is hosted by the Desert Ironwoods, you are welcome to just drive in for activities. To use the facilities (pool, restrooms, BBQs, shaded seating, etc) or to join us for the movie premier at the pool you will need to have a wristband available for purchase online and/or onsite until 7pm. Wristbands are sold in groups of 5 for $20.


***FIVE wristbands are included with your stay on the property - dry camping, hookup site, or hotel room.*** 

Is it dry camping only?

Our event will be hosted in a group camping area at the Desert Ironwoods Resort. This area is dry camping. However, they also have a limited number of trailer spots with full hook-ups and on-site hotel rooms available on a first come, first serve basis. For reservations please call 760.767.5670 or  visit:

Do I have to have 4-wheel drive to do the Poker Run?

No! Although a vehicle with ground clearance and off-road tires is ideal, the route will be run on well marked, and maintained trails.


***Due to weather and/or natural causes trail conditions may change before the event. Please check back for updates***

What vehicles can join the Poker Run?

You are welcome to run any vehicle with a valid Green Sticker.


Note: the sun will set at approximately 7:00pm. At least one working light is required to safely run 30 minutes prior to sunset. If you don't have lights, you will want to start the poker run as early as possible (5:00pm).